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The National Federation of the Blind believes in investing in the future by supporting the college education of deserving legally blind students. Our state and national scholarship programs are the most generous in the country. We urge you to apply to both.

National Scholarship

Every year, the National Federation of the Blind awards more than $120,000 to blind scholars across the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico in recognition of their achievements and professional aspirations. The scholarship program is our commitment to academic excellence and leadership among blind students, and each winner is awarded on the basis of academic excellence, community service, and leadership. The application process opens November 1. Review the scholarship application checklist and the scholarship program FAQs. Share this opportunity that invests in the future of blind people. Learn about the eligibility and requirements of the 2020 scholarship program. All blind high school and college students are encouraged to apply! In addition to receiving a check, the recipient receives airfare, hotel room, registration, banquet and other items of interest.

State Scholarships (Allen-Sprinkle Memorial Gift)

Allen-Sprinkle Memorial Gift

Each year the National Federation of the Blind of West Virginia (NFBWV) awards a scholarship to a worthy blind individual who is pursuing or planning to pursue a full-time program of post-secondary study or training and is a resident of West Virginia. This award is known as the Allen-Sprinkle Memorial Gift. Both Sid Allen and Jack Sprinkle were long time leaders in the organized blind movement in West Virginia. The gift is One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), and the scholarship will be given at the annual banquet of the NFBWV State Convention.


The Allen-Sprinkle Memorial Gift is awarded on the basis of academic excellence, service to the community, and financial need. To be eligible, an applicant must be legally blind, as defined by the Social Security Administration. The applicant must also fall within one of the following categories: (1) a high school student in the State of West Virginia who is planning to enter an accredited program of college, university, or post-secondary vocational education in the summer or fall of the calendar year the scholarship is being applied for; or (2) a West Virginia resident currently enrolled in an accredited program of college, university, or post-secondary vocational education with at least two semesters or quarters remaining after June of the year the application is submitted. (College students in this category may be enrolled in programs at either the graduate or undergraduate level). Students in either of the first two categories must be enrolled on a full-time basis, that is they must be taking twelve hours of study per semester or quarter, if in undergraduate programs, or nine hours per semester or quarter if in graduate programs.


The NFBWV is the state’s oldest and largest organization of the blind and is dedicated to creating opportunities for all blind persons. It is a state affiliate of the 50,000-member National Federation of the Blind and consists of local chapters in Clarksburg, Huntington, Martinsburg, and Wheeling, as well as a statewide chapter for members-at-large. The scholarship program is just one of many NFBWV activities which are designed to change what it means to be blind and enable blind people to live the lives they want. The recipient of the award need not be a member of the NFBWV.


Applications for the Allen-Sprinkle Memorial Gift must be submitted by June 15 of each calendar year. The Scholarship Committee will select the winner, who will be the guest of the NFBWV at its annual convention. The winner will be notified of the selection by July first of each calendar year. In order to receive the scholarship, the winner is required to spend the weekend at the convention. The gift will be presented at the banquet to be held on Saturday night. The annual convention is a gathering of blind individuals from West Virginia, along with guests from various parts of the nation. It provides an excellent opportunity to share ideas and information; to get acquainted with a broad section of active, successful blind persons; and to discuss common problems and how to work together to solve them.


To apply for the Allen-Sprinkle Memorial Gift, download, complete, and return the application form. Be sure that all information requested and applicable to you is typed or printed legibly. Also, please attach to your application all additional documents described on the form: applicant’s letter, two letters of recommendation, and appropriate transcripts. Also, if you are applying for the first time, please include a statement from your eye care physician.

Please send completed application and attachments to:
Anita Adkins, Chairperson
NFBWV Scholarship Committee
405 Center Avenue
Romney, WV 26757
Cell: 301-876-8669

Any questions concerning the application or eligibility should be sent to Chairperson Anita Adkins. Those who applied in the past and not chosen are encouraged to apply again. You are encouraged to apply for the Allen-Sprinkle Memorial Gift even if you are applying for scholarships from the national office of the federation. The members of the NFBWV Scholarship Committee reserve the right not to award the Allen-Sprinkle Memorial Gift if they are unable to find an individual whom they consider to be a worthy recipient.

NEW: Ross C. Todd Scholarship

The National Federation of the Blind of West Virginia, in partnership with the Beckley Area Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of the Ross C. Todd Scholarship for the 2020/2021 scholastic year.

Who is Eligible to apply?

  • West Virginia Residents
  • Legally Blind students
  • High school seniors or a current freshman, sophomore, or junior enrolled in a baccalaureate program
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA or above

What do I need in order to apply?

  1. Completed Ross C. Todd Scholarship application
  2. Certification of legal blindness (by eye care professional, VI teacher, or Rehabilitation Counselor)
  3. Current grade transcript

How and Where do I apply?

Applications may be downloaded from the links found above. All forms should be completed electronically and sent to: Chairperson Anita Adkins at

What is the deadline to apply?

All fully completed applications must be received no later than March 15, 2020. No applications submitted beyond this deadline will be accepted.

About the Ross C. Todd Scholarship:

This scholarship is to honor the memory of Ross Clayton Todd by annually providing scholarship awards to West Virginia blind students, thus giving these students the opportunity to pursue higher education.

For further information, please contact Chairperson Anita Adkins as follows:
Cell: 301-876-8669

NFBWV Scholarship Committee
405 Center Avenue
Romney, WV 26757

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